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ZixDirect - Email Encryption Direct to the Inbox by Zix Mail Encryption

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Email Encryption Direct to the Inbox

ZixDirect is a delivery method that makes it possible to push an encrypted e-mail directly to a user’s inbox. With ZixDirect there is no client software to install or maintain, and the user does not need to have any encryption capabilities to read the message.

With ZixDirect, users receive encrypted emails directly in their inbox and have the ability to read secure messages while working offline. An extension of our corporate-wide ZixGateway® service, ZixDirect makes it easier to choose the method of delivery that best meets the needs of the user. ZixDirect can also be used in conjunction with ZixPort® to create a robust environment that is capable of meeting the needs of all users.

ZixDirect - Send secure messages directly to a recipient's email inbox.


  • Secure messages sent directly to recipient’s email inbox
  • No additional software or training required
  • Send-to-anyone capability
  • Works seamlessly with existing systems
  • Easy to deploy in under a day



  • Ability to recover messages if password is forgotten
  • No pre-registration required
  • Automatic retrieval and distribution of encryption keys
  • Custom branding
  • Secure read, reply and forward capability


ZixDirect eliminates the need for an external Web portal and ensures a private, two-way conversation.

Privacy and Compliance — It's Quick and Easy:

ZixDirect is perfectly suited for organizations trying to ensure compliance with federal regulations and protect the privacy of customer information.

ZixDirect makes it easy to send data securely to anyone, anywhere. Whether it’s communicating consumer credit information, patient data, or delivering monthly statements, ZixDirect is an ideal solution for securing your email communications.

Convenience for your Customers/Partners:

ZixDirect is a valuable part of ZixCorp’s Best Method of Delivery, which determines the most efficient way to deliver secure email based on the recipient's environment and the sender’s policies.

With ZixDirect, your ZixVPM administrator creates a policy that “pushes” encrypted email messages directly to the inboxes of users who do not use ZixCorp services.

The secure message arrives as an HTML attachment within an email. The user simply clicks on the attachment, enters a password and the message is decrypted in his/her local browser. Messages are stored encrypted and can be read even when the recipient is offline.

Message Delivery Flexibility:

Directing users to your branded ZixPort® Web portal remains a ZixVPM option. You decide which method best fits your requirements. Or use both methods to meet the needs of different users. For message recipients served by their own ZixMSP, ZixVPM, or ZixMail service, the delivery method remains unchanged.

ZixDirect takes the confidential data delivery businesses need and pairs it with the customer-friendly expediency of direct inbox delivery. It’s the optimum easy-to-use, send-to-anyone secure email solution.

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