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Prevent data security breaches with the easy-to-use

and implement Email Encryption Service from


Why Encrypt Email?

Emailing confidential data has the potential to send your company and its stock into a tailspin, as well as bring forth potential lawsuits, costly fines, or loss of trust from your customers. ZixCorp can help eliminate these potential concerns with our easy-to-use, secure email encryption service.

By becoming a ZixCorp customer, you will automatically be enrolled within the ZixDirectory, the world’s largest and only shared email encryption community with tens of millions of members. Gaining access to the ZixDirectory allows you to seamlessly and transparently send and receive encrypted email messages amongst all other ZixCorp customers. With 100,000 new users joining each week, the value of the ZixDirectory continues to grow.

At ZixCorp, we make it easy and cost effective to protect personal data sent via email—for you, your business partners, your customers, and your patients, with product bundles designed to fit your company’s needs:

ZixMail only (software)

  • Installs as stand-alone client for internal and outbound email encryption
  • One-click actions for encrypting and decrypting emails; fully integrated versions for Outlook
  • Includes "ZixMessage Center" recipient delivery method

ZixMail Professional Bundle (software plus ZixPort service)

  • Includes ZixMail and ZixPort "pull" method for recipients to retrieve secure messages with no client software to download
  • Adds custom branding, preserving consistent brand image to recipients
  • Recipients can compose secure messages from website, including attachments

ZixGateway (appliance or hosted)

  • Policy-based email encryption covering the entire company’s email domain(s)
  • Access to the ZixDirectory; the world’s largest email encryption directory
  • Industry leading lexicons for HIPAA, GLBA, state privacy laws, and profanity
  • Flexible delivery methods including push, pull and transparent
  • Automatic and transparent encrypted communication among all of ZixCorp’s customers



Encrypt and Send to Anyone
ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service delivers encrypted messages to anyone through flexible delivery options. Encrypted email is automatically delivered in the manner that works best for the end user through our Best Method of Delivery™ capability (see figure below). ZixCorp supports desktop and gateway clients using a variety of encryption standards such as S/MIME, OpenPGP and TLS. In addition, ZixCorp provides two different methods of delivering encrypted emails to users who do not have encryption capabilities. These clientless delivery options include a secure portal “pull” and direct delivery “push” model. No matter what the email encryption capabilities of the recipient, ZixCorp will encrypt and deliver email to them.

Compliance Solutions
HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, state data security laws and guidance from FFIEC agencies make it clear that protecting sensitive information is no longer optional. Securing your customer’s private information not only protects your organization from fines, lawsuits, and negative publicity, it also improves customer trust. ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service provides automatic detection and encryption of email containing personal health information (PHI) and nonpublic personal information. These proven policy tools can be customized to fit the needs of your organization’s email policies.

ZixDirectory and the ZixData Center™
ZixDirectory is the largest email encryption directory, enabling seamless secure communication among its millions of members including some of the nation’s most influential institutions. Housed in the ZixData Center it has the power to handle encrypted email for every email address in the world. The ZixData Center is SysTrust certified and SAS-70 type II accredited. ZixCorp takes pride in maintaining the highest levels of performance and has 99.99% availability that is guaranteed to customers through our Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Want to talk to a Specialist? Call us Toll Free at 800-818-8488 or you can contact us here!

Join the ZixCorp Encrypted Email Network
When organizations use ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service they are instantly connected to the world’s largest email encryption directory....29 million strong. Once connected, users send and receive secure email transparently, without having to exchange encryption keys. ZixCorp provides automated key management for all its customers including companies in a variety of industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, and government.


  • Over 29 million protected
    email addresses and growing
    at more than 100,000 new
    recipients every week
  • The FFIEC agencies use email encryption from ZixCorp
  • Over 20 State Banking Regulators
  • More than half of the BCBS organizations use ZixCorp email encryption
  • ZixCorp health insurance customers protect health data for more than 70 million Americans
  • Over 1,200 hospitals, one
    out of every five in the US, use ZixCorp
  • Positioned in the Leader’s
    Quadrant in Gartner’s 2007
    Magic Quadrant for email encryption
  • Winner of the 2008 Best
    Products and Services Award, Network Products Guide


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