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An Email-Specific Approach

Email is the most used communication tool in business. It enables organizations
to conveniently collaborate and share valuable information, from customer data
to intellectual property, inside and outside an organization’s network. With ZixDLP, your organization can monitor and protect the channel that both assists your company in running efficiently and exposes your organization to the most risk.

An Easy, Cost-Effective Approach

DLP is often associated with costly, long implementation timelines. By focusing on what Zix does best – securing email – we decrease the cost dramatically, reduce the timeline from months to hours and deploy your solution with minimal impact on your team.

Leveraging our leadership and expertise in email encryption, ZixDLP combines our proven policy and content scanning capabilities with an intuitive quarantine interface. The interface allows administrators to:

  • Easily define policies and create custom lexicons for quarantining email
  • Specify credentials to authorize and review quarantined email messages
  • Manage quarantined messages using flexible searching and filtering options
  • Release or delete individual or multiple quarantined messages with one click
  • Review reports that monitor quarantine activities and trends
  • Automate custom notifications informing employees of quarantined messages

A Convenient User Experience

Prior to leaving your organization’s network, all outbound email is scanned by ZixDLP. If a policy is triggered, the email is sent to the ZixDLP quarantine system, and the user who sent the email receives a notification message. Embedded in the notification is a link to where the user can easily review the quarantined email message. Administrators can enable employees the capability to review, release the email with justification noted or delete the email and draft a new version.

Extending the value of ZixDLP, each user can see what part of the email
was identified as sensitive information and what policy was triggered that quarantined the message. In taking these extra steps, employees become more aware of corporate policies and more alert to the sensitivity of valuable information.

Email Forensics for Enhanced Visibility

Email Forensics through ZixDLP enables customers to detect and analyze policy violations without impeding communication or hindering business workflow. Based on policy configurations, some or all email messages that trigger a policy violation can be captured and then released without delay. Captured email messages and their policy violations are easily accessible and managed through the admin interface with search, filter and categorizing capabilities. Compliance, security and IT managers can conduct quick analysis with summary reports or review full details for enhanced visibility and comprehensive forensics.

Deployment Options to Meet Your Needs

To manage all your outbound email security needs, ZixDLP can be deployed as
a bundled solution with our policy-based email encryption service ZixGateway ®. For any Zix customers currently using ZixGateway, ZixDLP can be easily integrated as an add-on service. ZixDLP can also be deployed as a standalone solution and integrated with any email encryption solution.



  • Federal banking regulators, including FFIEC

  • One in every five U.S. banks

  • More than 30 Blue Cross Blue

    Shield organizations

  • One in every five U.S. hospitals



  • Easy to use and cost-effective

  • Enhanced visibility into sensitive

    information in outbound email

  • Strengthened compliance with corporate policies

  • Flexibility to quarantine or capture and release emails with policy violatons

  • Improved employee education regarding the treatment of sensitive information



  • Powerful administrative capabilities

  • Intuitive administrative dashboard

  • Reporting of quarantine activities and trends

  • Email forensics to analyze policy violations without quarantining emails

  • Deployable as a bundled, add-on or standalone solution






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