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Secure Email Portal

Secure Email Portal

Secure Email Portal

Those of us that are less than savvy when it comes to computer speak may wish to know what exactly a secure email portal is. A secure email portal is where companies can encrypt email that they transmit to their customers. It is a web based program that allows companies to transmit secured information and allows recipients to access this information.

ZixPort, the portal created and used by Zixmail, is an internet based program that allows users to access and secure their outgoing emails. This program is designed to interact with all types of web browsers, including ones found in mobile applications.

Use of the ZixPort does not require the installation of hardware, IT support or hours worth of training for your employees. It is a customizable program that will allow you to access and send secured email from any place.

There are many benefits associated with the use of this secure email portal. You can customize the program for flexibility and optimization. You can guarantee your clients that their information is protected, even if sent from a hand held device. The added security you provide your customers will result in a loyalty to your company.

The unlawful use of stolen data is a rising crime. Identities, corporate secrets even medical information is stolen all the time. Cyber crime is not limited to big corporations or banking institutions. Each time your company email leaves your office without security, you are endangering your company.

The program that ZixMail offers will allow you to customize the words or data that it scans for. Account numbers, financial data, medical information or even specific words related to your product can be scanned for and encrypted before it is transmitted.

Using a secure email portal to transmit your data online is a security measure that cannot be overlooked. Zixmail offers customizable programs that fit any size company. The packages are cost effective. Since there is no need for additional equipment or IT support, you will not incur any further expenses once you have joined the program. The only thing you will receive is the security that your companies, and your clients, deserve.

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