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Encrypted Email Providers

Encrypted Email Providers

Encrypted Email Providers Are Not All The Same

A quick internet search will bring up hundreds of companies when you search the words “encrypted email providers”. So how does one distinguish what company is the best choice? A quick review of what many of these companies offer will provide the answer. More often than not, encrypted email providers can only offer you an encryption service if all parties use the same service. Most do not offer any security guarantees. Very few have met the necessary requirements to comply with medical and financial data transmission. And none can boast the storage size and security capabilities that ZixMail offers.

ZixMail is the world’s largest secure email provider. Servicing over 17 million secured email addresses, ZixMail is adding to this number daily. With a list of high level customers in the government, financial and medical industries, ZixMail is also the top provider to corporations large and small.

The ZixDirectory is maintained 24/7 by redundant measures to guarantee security, storage space and accuracy. Encryption codes are updated continually and there is never a worry about expired codes or access to information without proper authorization.

With the “Best Method of Delivery℠” in place, subscribers can send secured email to others outside of the directory with the same protection. ZixMail will notify non subscribers that they have an encrypted message stored in the secure ZixMessage Center™ and provide them the appropriate links to access the information. Once identity has been authenticated, the recipient can access and reply to the encrypted email through secure means.

ZixMail, unlike several other secure email providers, exceeds HIPPA requirements for medical data transmission. The medical industry has very strict standards they must comply with when utilizing the internet to send medical data. Because this data contains so much personal information, regulatory agencies have enacted laws concerning their transmission. Because ZixMail has always surpassed these requirements they are the leading provider of encrypted email services to health organizations. One in seven hospitals use the ZixMail service.

ZixMail also offers the most economical service of all encrypted email providers. Their service can cover as few, or as many, email addresses your company requires. Companies receive the value added benefit of customizing their program to fit their specific needs.

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