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Encripted Email

Encripted Email

Encrypted Email

Encrypted email is a necessary tool for any organization to use that transmits sensitive data over the internet. Zixmail is a encryption service provider that gives its clients the ability to be connected to the largest email encryption directory in the world. This directory, with over 17 million email addresses currently subscribed, is the surest way to secure your data for its transmission over the internet.

Identity theft is the number one crime in the world. With the advent of the internet, criminals no longer have to be in your area to steal your identity. While you still have to watch for mail tampering, identity theft can be done by someone across the ocean and thousands of miles away.

Email is the largest target of cyber criminals. Email, transmitted in the common way, is easy to intercept and read. Hackers world wide find that they can obtain critical information by simply stealing emails. Corporations, government agencies, medical professionals and financial institutions can fall victim to this crime as easily as anyone else.

Zixmail offers a solution to this problem. Subscription to their service can enable any of these entities to secure their outgoing email by encrypting the information. Because Zixmail has flexible delivery options, the end user can receive and read encoded emails even if they are not currently a subscriber to the service. The encrypted email will be “held” in a secure spot on the Zixmail system where they will be able to retrieve the information. It is security and flexibility at its finest.

Zixmail is compliant with all regulatory requirements for the transmission of health and financial data. This compliance has given them the advantage over many other encryption services and there client list speaks for itself.

As the need for security continues to increase, so does the need for encrypted email. This program can be run on an internet based application or software can be downloaded to individual desk tops. There is no intensive training required, and once subscribed, your company can be up and running securely in a matter of hours. IT support or additional equipment will not be necessary to send encrypted emails. It is a win-win situation for the company and its clientele.

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