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Email Encryption Service

Email Encryption Service

Email Encryption Service

What An Email Encryption Service Should Provide - An email encryption service needs to provide its users a way to protect their email from their office, cell phone or laptop. It needs to be able to send mail to anyone that the client needs to contact, not just to email addresses within its system. And finally, it needs to be user friendly and cost effective.

ZixMail email encryption service offers their customers all of the points mentioned above and more. ZixMail is currently the largest provider of email encryption services. Over 29 million emails are registered in the ZixMail directory with an average of 100,000 new names added weekly. ZixMail is run through the largest email encryption server currently in use and could store and authenticate every email address in the world.

The email encryption service is fully automated with redundant back ups for security, storage and keys. This guarantees the consumer that their information is always protected and will not be lost or irretrievable due to lack of space. Keys are continually monitored so that they do not become invalid or expired. The extra effort placed on flawless transmission of information is one of the best selling points of the ZixMail system.

Clients can enjoy flawless transmission of data throughout the ZixMail directory. Email sent to people outside of the directory is allowable, unlike many other services, ZixMail will encrypt the messages and notify the recipient that they have received an encrypted message. The original message will be encrypted and sent as an attachment. Recipients will be notified how to retrieve and view the message through ZixMail. Once they have authenticated their identity, ZixMail will allow them to view the message and reply in an encrypted return mail. That simple.

ZixMail exceeds all regulation requirements for the transfer of medical and financial data. Because this is strictly enforced, consumers will benefit from the additional security ZixMail offers and the ability to meet these requirements.

ZixMail is cost effective and very user friendly. Users will require no additional training to use the program nor will you need continual IT support. Cost is determined on the number of email addresses you protect and which program you choose, web based or desk top version. You are never required to purchase in bulk lots so companies are not forced to over purchase. You buy only what you need. This point alone makes the ZixMail system a preferred choice of businesses world wide.

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