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email encryption

email encryption

Why Email Encryption is Necessary

Email encryption is crucial for any business that uses the internet for critical transactions. Corporate secrets and client information that is transmitted over the internet must be protected. In an age where anyone can intercept your information with a few clicks of a mouse, extra measures must be taken.

What exactly is an email encryption service? It is a security measure that is attached to your email that scrambles the information until it is reached at its destination. What this does is prevent outsiders from receiving the information and using it for illegal purposes.

Businesses large and small benefit from the use of this service because everyone is at risk when they have information transmitting over the internet. Cyber crime is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. Extra precaution is necessary when sensitive data is transmitted. The interception of personal or product information can be devastating to a corporation.

Recipients do not need to use the same encryption service as your company to receive and decode the message. The end user will receive the encrypted message in a form that will most suit their capabilities and be given access to open the email. This allows businesses to communicate with everyone and still have the same protection.

Email encryption is required in many fields, such as medical and financial industry. Because the data that is transmitted by these corporations contains protected privacy matters, companies in these fields must use an encryption service. Using this type of service to protect your client’s information will allow you to comply with all regulations in this area as well as instill a sense of security in your clients minds. Everyone realizes that a stolen identity can be a life damaging experience. Clients who know your company takes every measure to protect their identity will feel safe.

Email encryption is not hard to use nor is it expensive. Simple applications can be installed into your desktop or ran from an internet based server. Programs range from a simple encryption tool to a high tech service that can scan every outgoing email mail for sensitive information and either block its delivery or send it encrypted. A business can safely and cost effectively protect themselves and their clients simply by using e-mail encryption for all of their internet communications.

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