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Corporate Email Security

Corporate Email Security

Corporate Email Security Is A Serious Issue

Corporate espionage, hijacking of transmitted data and financial information theft all sound like great themes to a movie. You can picture the undercover agent trying to hack into a company’s mainframe to steal the coveted information they intend to sell to the highest bidder. Crimes made to seem surreal by the big screen but are, in fact, an everyday occurrence. The only thing that is different is that the theft is made easier when an email, with critical information, is hijacked by an anonymous person in cyberspace. Failing to enact corporate email security can make this plot a realistic event.

Corporate email security should be implemented to protect all information that is being transmitted over the internet. Zix encryption services, a leader in corporate email security, can provide any corporation the ability to protect its data.

An email encryption service will provide your company a solution to its email security issues. A simple desk top application or an online hosted program can be used to encrypt all your outbound email. Emails will be coded when they leave your business and cannot be opened by anyone other than the intended receiver. Recipients do not need to have the same encryption program to decode the messages. Their service has designed a way that each recipient, regardless of email capabilities, will have access to open the encrypted messages. This is a service no other provider can claim.

It is regulatory compliant for healthcare data transmission as well as financial information encryption. Both of these industries, since dealing with such sensitive information, are highly regulated about the steps they must take to protect email transmissions. ZixMail meets and exceeds all these requirements. Government agencies are also a large portion of the clientele, as the protection they receive when transmitting data with this program has been unsurpassed.

ZixMail is a distinct leader in this area of corporate email security. With over 29 million secure email addresses in their system, they rightfully can brag about the service they provide. Corporations can feel secure knowing that corporate information, financial data and client information will be protected when they use the Zixmail encryption service.

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